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Rolex Submariner Reference 5513 Carrying Automatic Winding Rolex Caliber 1520
At the beginning of 1991, the Rolex Submariner reference 14060 premiered this latest watch marked the finish of the era because the plexi disappeared and it was substituted with a cooler azure very. Luxurious rolex  submariner replica watch  is very popular with young men. It's frequently regarded as the frontier between vintage and modern, which means this L serial 5513 from 1989 remains certainly one of last Rolex Submariners to become created using the plexi, that can bring an incomparable light towards the black dial. It appears as glossy because the very early Subs which make the headlines at auction, however for an infinitely more reasonable cost tag.

This 5513 is among the last Subs created having a plexi, which provides an incredible glossy turn to its black dial. The Rolex Watch also has a period correct stainless steel Oyster bracelet, Reference 93150 with end links 580. I think Rolex Submariner Watches are better than Rolex Daytona or Datejust.

It is really an outstanding illustration of a late 5513, using the characteristic white-gold surrounds for that indexes. The case is remarkably sharp and most likely unpolished, which you'll see in the raw thickness from the lugs and the phrase the lug holes. In addition, the black glossy dial doesn't show the crazing available on earlier Swiss Watches, and also the indexes took an incredible patina also located on the handset. The bezel and Oyster bracelet both appear to become original, and therefore are in great condition. This is actually the kind of  Rolex Submariner you want we're able to find more frequently.
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